Creative Writing

The oldest creative project I have is a novel that I wrote back in 2016 for The National Novel Writing Month in November (NaNoWriMo). I’ve been editing my novel,  Empêchement, and uploading it to Wattpad. My goal here is to eventually get the novel fully edited and then published. It’s been a slow and painful process, with many of its own struggles, but I’m getting there.

On top of Empêchement, I’ve also been writing other, smaller short stories. I’m trying to explore different writing styles, and attempting to challenge myself to write in genres that I normally wouldn’t.

Heres the link to my Wattpad. Of course, you can find many examples of my writing throughout my website too.


What would it be like if you could go back in time and stop a war before it even starts?

A war started among the nobles during the French Revolution. The wealthy managed to keep the war away from the normal populace, but as time went on, so did the war. Almost 100 years later, an organization called the Mourning Dove Portal has been formed with one objective: stop this war before it kills millions.

But how do you stop a war that is now purely based on blind prejudice?

Verlena Rea Jones had just moved to a small town in Colorado when she received a letter from the Mourning Dove Portal. Within a month, she was practically being kidnapped from her home by people claiming that her sacrifice was for the good of millions.

Soon after, she and the ten others that had been kidnapped around the same time as she had, are off to stop a huge war before it even starts. They decide that the best way to do this is to kill the man who started the war before he gets a chance to start it.

The plan seems good and simple, but no one stopped to think about the consequences, and dangerous things can happen when you start to play with time.

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