Podcast Project Write-Up

27.5 hours of content Four weeksTwo peopleOne podcast  In July, a peer of mine, Austin Taylor, came to me and suggested that we start a blog-type video series based around the content for month four of Praxis. At first, it was going to end with the month, but we had amazing feedback around it, so weContinue reading “Podcast Project Write-Up”

Landing Page Critique

For this critique, I took a website for a local Albuquerque company and dissected their landing page. The company’s website I choose is called ABQid, and it’s focused on helping Albuquerque startups get recognized and funded. I love this concept because it’s helping companies get noticed and potentially flourish in New Mexicos struggling economy. Here’sContinue reading “Landing Page Critique”

How to Survive Dieting

For people with mental illnesses, lack of impulse control or a health issue that can cause difficulty in making good decisions (i.e. concussions) eating right doesn’t just require control, it can require an entire mental reset. I personally struggle with two of those three things and to top it off, I work at a Starbucks,Continue reading “How to Survive Dieting”