Finding my Niche

High school sucked the life out of me. 

Sure, I did super well, and anyone you asked would say that I was an outstanding student, but the fact is that I was not the person I wanted to be in high school, and it sucked.

I never felt that the things I was learning would be applicable in any other setting except for college, and for the longest time, I thought I would have to spend the thousands of dollars that it took to put myself through college because of that.

High school took up almost all of my time when I wasn’t working, but I had no passion for the content. No desire to see through to the next project. No motive to make it to the next class. I actually considered dropping out at one point. I found no fulfillment in getting letter grades that would be eventually be forgotten as I passed through the grades and moved on.

I was ambitionless, hobbyless, and frankly, depressed.

I was not the person I wanted to be.

In the time that I was in high school, the things that brought me the most satisfaction were the things that had a direct effect on my life- projects with real-world implications.

That’s why I bought my first car at 16… and then my second at 18.

That’s why I was promoted to host after less than a year at my first job, and then shift lead in a little over a year at my second. And at my third? Shift lead, then store manager in a matter of months.

It’s why I wrote two novels (unpublished) and created a book cover for one of my peers at school (published)

The feelings I got from working hard and seeing physical results were overwhelming sometimes, but it was very rare that I could do much because of the sheer amount of time high school took from my life.

I was terrified of the consequences of being mediocre in school, so I devoted myself to that rather than what made me happy.

My world changed when I graduated.

With more of it on my hands, I was able to create something meaningful out of my time. I started small, by picking up some of my old hobbies, then moving to full-on projects.

My mood improved, and people would remark on my improvement as an employee and co-worker. I started losing weight and getting clearer skin. I quickly moved through the ranks at one of my jobs and even held the position of Store Manager for a short time.

I spent more time with my loved ones and devoted myself to figuring out who I was and what I wanted, instead of to what school wanted me to be.

My mood improved drastically, and it seemed like I could shamelessly dance to non-existent music all day, every day. I was on top of the world.

It felt like I could breathe again.

At 17 years old, I decided that I would never go back to traditional schooling. The traditional school system made me tired, sad, and it changed me both physically and mentally.

But if I didn’t go to college what would I do? A high diploma is almost worthless to any employer who is hiring for a job that I could potentially find fulfillment in. There had to be another way.

So I searched, and I found it.

A program that would allow me to build real-life experience, and create a meaningful name for myself, without having to spend four or more years behind a desk, and at the same time, it inspired me to work harder, and be a better version of myself in the things that I’m already doing.

I’m more than ecstatic to get started, and I can’t wait to see what this program holds for me.

But this website is more than a documentation of my time during this program, it’s the documentation for the time before and after it too. This is a journey about finding my niche, and you’re welcome to join me 🙂