Five Ways to Organize your Life

I’m a wreck. I tend to set things down in weird places and just forget about them, or I’ll reorganize something then forget how I did it and loose everything. I don’t just do this at home, I do it at work too.

Over the years, I’ve gotten better and keeping my stuff together, but I was only able to do it with a plethora of tools. If you need some quick and easy ways to organize your stuff, just ask someone who’s a functioning mess. Here are five tools to keep your stuff together:

One: A Carabiner + The Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Okay, this is technically two tools, I’m gonna count it as one. I am the emergency key keeper in my family, meaning that everyone gives me a key to their things ‘in case of an emergency’. Unfortunately, I’m also really good at losing my keys.

So, after I finally got tired of fumbling over all of my keys and losing them all the time, I bought two things: A carabiner and a Bluetooth tracker. I sorted all of my keys into different key rings, then put them on the carabiner. My family’s keys are on one ring, my keys and the Tile tracker are on another, the keys to my work place are on a third and my pepper spray is on it’s own ring.

This means that I don’t have to mess around with keys I hardly use, and I never have to lose them again. Read about my Bluetooth tracker here.

Two: Drawer Organizers

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it’s not a mess. My drawers used to subconsciously stress me out until I took the steps to organize them and (the most important part) keep them that way.  For bigger drawers, I suggest these adjustable bamboo organizers, but a simple Amazon search will bring up a wide verity of drawer organizers for all shapes and sizes.

Organize your kitchen, desk, sock and junk drawers with these, and never have to dig through your drawers again.

Three: Trunk Caddies

When my car had an oil and coolant leak, I used to keep extra bottles of the substances in my trunk so I could refill them if I needed to. However, when I took sharp turns, I could hear them tumble around in the back. I realized that If I didn’t’ find a way to secure them, they would burst open all over my car. To prevent this, I bought a Trunk Caddie.

After a while, I started putting more things in it, like a first aid kit, a small tool box and a small bag with extra clothes, just in case (you never know what could happen). Once I started grocery shopping more often, I found it to be super helpful for carrying gallons of milk and other heavy, potentially leak prone items.

Four: Portable File Box

I like to keep my documents. Whether they’re for my car, school, my medical records or just the manuals to the things I buy, I like to keep them just in case I’ll need them later. After a while, I got tired of having 80 different places I might keep my files, so I went to Walmart and bought a file box.

Now, I have a great, semi-secure place to put my cars maintenance records, my medical documents and other similar things.

(Keep in mind that Social Security cards, Birth certificates and things like that should be kept somewhere more secure)

Five: A Giant Wall Calendar

I use this to remind myself of important dates, such as doctors’ appointments, birthdays, pay days and payment due dates. While I used Google Calendar for the smaller reminders, it’s incredibly helpful to me to physically see when I get paid and when I have to spend money laid out on the wall for me.

I’m able to keep track of how many payments I have in between paydays, calculate about how much I’d be paying each month and leave little notes to myself in the margins. This is by far one of my favorite tools. It’s a small thing that makes a huge impact on my life.

While there are tons of tips and tricks to keep your stuff organized, keep in mind that you’re the only one who can find something that truly works for you. Everyone makes messes in their own ways, so we all have to find our own ways to keep track of everything too.