How to Nail the Job Search

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We all get to that point where we’re just tired of our jobs. Maybe it’s becuase you’ve been at yours too long now and need a change of pace, maybe it’s because you’ve just graduated and want to use your degree to start your career. Whatever the reason, here are five steps to kick start that search!

Step one: Update your Resume 

If you’ve been in the same job for a while, you probably haven’t updated your resume to match that role. Before you do anything, update that resume! Remember to keep it clean, simple and easy to read. Even if you plan on pitching your experience in a different way, job search websites will still ask for it, and it’s nice to have.

Step two: Use as Many Job Search Tools as You Can (Including Your Network)!

Explore sights like,,, and While you’re there, set up your account, upload your resume, and polish your profile, then get to searching! 

When you have free time, let your network know you’re looking for a job, and explore any opportunities that arise from that. 

Step three: Refine your Search 

Use the filter tools on each of the websites to find something specific. Pick Full-time or Part-Time, a position title, and a location. Some sights have an advanced search option, but remember that you’ll get the most results when you’re flexible with title, position, and salary.

If you heard about the job from a friend, find the specific position on the companies website to get some more details. 

Step four: Research the Company

Once you’ve found one (or more!) that you’re interested in, do your research on the type of job and the business. Companies love it when you come into the interview already knowing what they do, but it also helps you determine if the company would be a right fit for you. 

Websites like Glassdoor can help you get a good idea of what you might walk into (it’s basically the job equivalent to 

Step Five: Sell Yourself! 

Update your resume, pitches, profiles, and anything else to match the companies values! Then, nail the interview. Remember: it’s not about what the company can do for you, but what you can do for the company. Show them that you can do something anyone else couldn’t!

With these simple steps, you have a strong foundation to finding a solid job! Good Luck!