Hydro Flasks: So Worth the Money

Like so many people before me, I found myself pondering how much value a (rather expensive) Hydro Flask would bring into my life. I’d been online looking at them and admiring them in stores for a while, but was never able to justify spending that much money on a water bottle. What if it made the water taste metallic? What if I bought it and never used it?

Did I really need one? No. Did I want one? Uh, yeah, kinda. I just couldn’t justify it.

After a particularly hard day at work last month, I walked in Whole Foods for some retail therapy and there they were. A whole wall of Hydro Flasks. I made the dive and bought one.

After that, I found myself with two Hydro Flasks in less than a week. The one that I bought at Whole Foods, a 21 ounce graphite colored water bottle, then I was gifted with one for my birthday, a 32-ounce Hydro that’s baby blue.

Despite only having them for a month, I’m 100% in love with both of them and have decided that they’re absolutely worth the money. Here’s why:

It’s insulated: I’ve used my Hydro Flasks for both hot tea and ice-cold water. I was amazed at how long my beverages stayed at a constant temperature. Hydro Flask really lives up to its claim that “cold stays icy cold up to 24 hours. Hot stays hot up to 6 hours.”

This is all because of the “TempShield” technology that Hydro Flask uses. Each Flask is double walled, and vacuum insulated with a lid that has a honeycomb pattern to keep things at the right temperature. This technology is part of the reason why it can be that insulated and not be bulky.

No heat transfer or condensation: at first, I thought it was dumb to put hot liquids in a metal cup, but the TempShield makes it so that this is a non-issue. My Hydro was never hot to the touch, but steam would still escape the Flask when I opened the lid.

The icing on the cake was when I noticed that there was never any condensation on my Hydro when I had ice water in it. No more wet rings to mark where I’ve been and I no longer need to worry about the condensation ruining my wooden desk.

No metallic taste: Hydro Flasks are made of a special kind of stainless steel, so not only do you not get the flavor of whatever you had in the Flask last night, but your water doesn’t taste metallic from being stored in a metal water bottle for an extended period of time.

Hydro Flask advertises that their product is made of 18/8 pro-grade steel “a metal recognized for its strength and purity…” Read more about it here.

Easy to bring with you: Of course, the bigger sizes are a little more challenging to grab and go, but my 21-ounce Hydro tucks nicely in my cars cup holders and the mesh pocket of my backpack. The 32-ounce doesn’t fit in cup holders, but it still squeezes into that mesh pocket, making it my go to on days where I won’t be able to fill up as often.

However, both water bottles come with the “Flex Cap.” These are designed to make it easy for you to carry them if you can’t store them in a pocket of some sort. If you hike or move a lot, Hydro Flask also makes little slings for their product.

They’re customizable and have a great texture: Every Hydro Flask comes in different colors because of the coating they put on the bottle. Choose your favorite color and then customize with the type of lid or color of boot that you want.  Not only that, but Hydro Flask offers the option to start from scratch and completely customize your own Hydro from start to finish.

The coating is also great for sticking stickers to if that’s your thing.

To top everything off: Every Hydro Flask is BPA free and comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defaults.  

Hydro Flasks come in several different types, shapes, and sizes. They have some meant specifically for hot or iced beverages, some for alcohol, and containers for food.

If you’re looking for a really cool water bottle (or even if you’re not), I strongly suggest The Hydro Flask. It has been the ultimate accessory that I didn’t know I needed.

(All images featured in this post were taken directly from Hydro Flasks website. This post was not sponsored by Hydro Flask.)