Learning Decals with The Cameo 3

For the month of May, I wanted to learn how to use some of the basic functions of the Cameo Silhouette three to create vinyl decals, then produce my own video tutorials for Udemy.

This blog post serves as a weekly update and a hub for all the things I produced during this project.

I’m excited for the challenges this month will hold, but I have a lot going on this month. Here’s my month (excluding my work schedule) with my project planning.

While I have a ton of things going on, I’m excited to get started.

Planning week recap (May 1st-7th):
: I definitely did what I planed to do (scripting, planning and preparing), but I didn’t plan to do enough.
Successes: Deciding on a project so quickly and getting my project outline out as soon as I did. I also finished a ton of my research.
Results: It was a slow week. I got my room set up the way I needed it for filming and began setting up my Udemy course.

Next Week: Script writing, filming and more researching!