Operational Role Type Interview

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My time in the Praxis Bootcamp is coming to an end, and while I’m sad to leave this experience, I’m excited to finally start finding a job that will suit my interests in Operations Management.

To make sure this is a field I actually want to go into, I reached out to Jason Burner, a Praxis Alum and Operations Manager at Remine, to ask him a few questions about his job.

Question 1: What does your average work day look like?

It’s funny that you asked that, because honestly there is no real good answer to that question…

I focus mainly on reporting (sales operations) but do other portions of operations, or I like to describe it as getting things done.

My reporting is generally two reports a day, done in Excel for different teams and my suggestions on ways to improve or trends I see.

These can take several hours a poece but leaves me with time for AdHawk reporting requests, which always come.

All of my middle time is filled with making sure other peoples jobs can be successful, whether that is scheduling and negotiating lunches to be delivered, or making sure a new person in setup with the proper software. 

If items need bought or software needs purchased people come to me and I either make the decision or fwd it to the appropriate higher up.

Operations really does cover everything but that combined with being at a startup means you will never be bored. 

Question 2: Besides Excel and AdHawk, what other softwares are crucial to your job?

Question 3: What is the significance of networking in your position, and what does it look like?

Question 4: What type of person would be fit for your position or one similar to it?

Question 5: What suggestions would you give to someone just starting out as an operation manager?