To Be Human

To be human is to struggle

To be human is to hurt, heal, break down and construct

To be human is to see beauty in the ugly and the good in the bad.

Humans are stubborn, and we refuse to break. Humans are meant to preserver through the good and the bad. We literally evolved with these traits.

It’s in our biology.

We were meant to travel long distances with little food and water. We evolved in conditions that required our bodies to adapt to the things we were eating and feeling in order to overcome our adversity.

Don’t have enough food than what we’d like to get through winter? That sucks, but we got it. Our metabolism slows down, our liver stores fat and we get through the winter. Having a hard time keeping up with the heard of dear that’s going to become your next meal? You might be hungry for a few days, but it’ll be okay. You don’t have to keep up, because you can just track them until they’re tired then attack. They have to rest more than you do.

Arguably, we became the dominant species on this planet because we could preserver past all other creatures. We evolved to pace ourselves and attack when other creatures needed to rest.

We don’t live like that anymore. We no longer need to out last our predators or our food, and we no longer need to spend hours upon hours collecting herbs, nuts and berries. Instead, in today’s modern age, our minds now need to adapt to the things happening around us rather than our bodies. Now, we’re struggling mentally.

To be human is to struggle. And man, are we struggling right now.

There’s so much going on in our society, from massive natural disasters to school shootings to corrupted politics to basic day to day stress. It’s hard to keep up with it all, but there’s so many of us that somehow, collectively, we are. In a bitter-sweet sort of way, we’re all struggling together.

To be human is to hurt, heal, break down and construct.

Every time there’s a disaster, there’s always a heartwarming story that comes along with it about the amazing things people are doing to help. Yeah, the people affected by hurricane Harvey hurt and broke down, but people pitched in from everywhere (people with their monster trucks and folks from all over the country with their boats) to help pick them back up. My high school at the time (composed of only 400 people, including staff) raised over $2000 for the victims.

The country wept for the victims of this disaster and for many others, but we also pitched in to help, and this is just one example.

To be human is to see the beauty in the ugly and good in the bad.

We see how beautiful the human race is when we come together for natural disasters, or how amazing the community is when it helps a girl with down syndrome become a model, even though we have a lot of other problems. We, as humans, see our faults, the bad in our past, but we can also identify the good that is coming from it for a new generations.

They too, will struggle in their own ways, but they will also learn to grow from it.

To be human is to struggle.

To be human is to overcome.